Ceiling-mounted luminaires

Ceiling-mounted luminaires, like hanging luminaires, are some of the main interior lighting mechanisms. Ceiling-mounted luminaires are of particular use during the dark hours, because such luminaires effectively illuminate the entire space. At SUNAMUS, the home of light and technology, you will find ceiling-mounted luminaires that fit your interior style: classical, contemporary and decorative. Choosing from aluminium, metal, plastic and glass ceiling-mounted luminaires, you can select the material and shape that is best for you. It is not a secret that the light of none other than ceiling-mounted luminaires can completely change a space and manipulate a personʼs sense of how big such a space is. For example, by mounting a ceiling luminaire of larger dimensions at the end of a long corridor, you will create the impression of a shorter corridor. Nevertheless, if you decide not to experiment, you can still choose from a large number of tasteful ceiling-mounted luminaires.