Light Design and Visualisation

When developing lighting solutions for clients and preparing a lighting project, we present the selected luminaires and their expected lighting in visualisations. This helps the client to see how the project appears visually.

Lighting Design

We provide a lighting design service to clients who need such a service. The lighting idea is planned according to the parameters of the space it is desired to light. The client is fully advised about lighting scenarios, highlighting differences and functionality. 

Design Of Electrical Systems And Knx

We provide design services for electrical power, the lighting system and smart home systems. The electrical system design helps to identify the necessary capacity and to plan and properly install cables for supply and control. We supply installation materials and cable networks.

Project Supervision And Support

We perform supervision and coordination of luminaire installation. We provide recommendations for optimising installation works. We fine-tune luminaires and adjust them to the interior solutions.

Lighting Evaluation Of Energy Efficiency And Performance Of Break-even Analysis

We evaluate existing and newly-built lighting systems, and calculate the return on investment and financial benefit.

Smat House Configuration, Installation, Start-up

We work in accordance with the KNX standard, the possibilities of which are infinite. We perform configuration, installation and start-up of the KNX system.

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About us

SUNAMUS is the home of light and technologies, where you find all the electrical installation, lighting, smart home and related products and services you need, from design to implementation.

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